Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Meets Young Adult Literature

Art Meets Young Adult Literature

It's an understatement to say that literature shaped me as a person. I was reading Dr. Seuss to my classmates before they even knew their alphabet. I swooned and grew up with the sisters from Sweet Valley High. I even remember replacing my normal prayers with, "Are you there God, it's me, Jolene." Not everyone shares my joy for children, middle grade, and young adult literature (which is fine), but I can't contain my glee when I see an event inspired by it.

So there I was, tweeting, when out of nowhere, Kathleen Rushall posts something about an art show in Los Angeles. I always check out art shows because I like them and because my best friend is a fantastic artist who loves them even more. So I clicked.

Imagine my urges to scream exciting words from a mountain top when I spied what the art show was really about. (Warning, if you're like me and are easily excitable you may want to sit down before you look any lower on the page).

Yep. An art exhibit devoted solely to children's literature and young adult lit. I've died and gone to heaven. Gallery 1988 will be hosting this exhibit February 2nd through February 23rd. You can spy more upcoming exhibits on their Tumblr. You can also check out their official website here.

Have you guys ever seen something like this before? Hear of any other great literature inspired events? Let me know in the comments below! 

See you there!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

In the mail... Flat Out Love by Jessica Park

In the mail...

Friday I was delighted to come home from work to find a package waiting for me on the doorstop. It was from Kristen Jett. She'd recently read "Flat Out Love" by Jessica Park and completely loved it.

In fact, she loved it so much that she immediately bought me a copy, sent it to my house, and informed me that though she just finished this book, she was considering reading it again right away.

Needless to say, I'm beyond excited. I recently finished "Easy" by Tammara Webber. It's an NA (new adult) novel dealing with some pretty heavy issues. It's a book I wouldn't normally read based off of the description. But I read it. It was amazing. Engaging. Informative. 

I was wondering how in the world I would be able to read something after it. It's always a terrible feeling when you've read an incredible book, only to be followed up by something mediocre. It's a letdown. But something tells me that I wont be disappointed with "Flat Out Love."

Thank you so much for the book Kristen!!!

Have you guys read this? Did you like it? What other NA novels would you recommend?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

YA Books- From the Page to the Big Screen

I posted yesterday at YA Stands about some fantastic YA books turned movies coming out in 2013. Check it out and let me know which ones you're most excited for! I'd love to hear from you.

Also, Isaac Marion is a babe. That is all.

Happy reading,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

642 Things to Write About

Now that the holidays are over, things are getting a little less hectic and little more back to the normal doldrums of life. I'm still working at a demolition company, doing their payroll and human resources. I'm still blogging my behind off at the websites that I'm passionate about: Pen and Muse, YA Stands, Brazen Reads, and even a few more.

Sometimes I feel like I've blogged so much, I'm not sure what else I have to say about writing. I'm sure that any blogger that contributes to than one site feels the same way. Imagine my excitement when I opened a gift from one of my roommates, the talented photographer Chris Hacker, to find he'd gotten me a book titled, "642 Things To Write About."

This book is awesome! It's filled with random writing prompts, or even conversation starters you could ask at a party over dinner. So, from now on I'll still be blogging about writing tips and book reviews, but I'll also be using this book for warm ups and so that you can get to know me a little better. After all, what good is a friendship if you don't know anything about the other person?

What about you? Do you have any awesome writing prompts books that you use? Do you prefer your writing blogs to stay strictly business?