Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Silent Sufferer.

It's on now.
You've got to show yourself, kid.
You've got to brave yourself and your fears.
Live through your tears.
Become who you never thought you could be.
Who they said you would never be.
Do what they said you could never do.
Do it for yourself.
Even though you're dying inside.
The Silent Sufferer who smiles on the outside.

Forget the past, it can only hurt you.
Forget the ones who made you die.
Forget the ones who killed your dreams.
Murdered your ambitions.
Slaughtered twinkles in your eye.
Memories of tortures past. Horrors inside.
No one can see them. No one can ever see them.
And you can't survive them again.

Take them as the glue that shaped you.
But not the shape that forever binds you.
It's up to you. It's time to choose.
The path you'll take. The end you'll make.
Give in to the dreams that your beginning denied;
live forever free.

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