Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fire?'re dead.

Did anyone ever stop and look around at the tools available to us on a daily basis, in case one is stuck in a building during a fire?
I did this the other day at school and I found that on every floor there were multiple fire extinguishers behind glass, multiple hoses behind glass, and even a fire axe behind glass like the one pictured above.

I seemed to be the only person to find this rather extraordinarily comical.

I am suggesting at this point, that if you find that you are somehow trapped in a burning building with such fire fighting tools as these behind glass, you should probably just capitulate to death.

All odds are against you. Think about it, not only do you have a fire to get away from in this case, but the only tools you have to assist you are behind glass. Glass that has to be broken somehow, to get the tool out that you need to escape and survive.
Those of you that are math majors probably realize now that the chances of you getting out of the fire are, we will say 50% likely. You are also 50% likely to slit your fucking wrists open accidentally while breaking through the glass, to get the tools to escape the fire.

In a fire, it is unlikely that a person will have the time or wits to meander through halls looking for a tool to open or pry this glass case open. Most likely, as adrenaline would have it, you're gonna Chuck Norris punch that shit open to save your life.

Perhaps we could keep the extinguisher being a sliding non-metal or glass door. In which you slide open during fire and take these tools out.

I understand that it is necessary to keep tools like this behind glass, to keep the crazies away from them...especially the axe.

But if someone is fucking crazy enough to want an axe that isn't theirs when there is no fire, chances are they are willing to break through the death glass anyways.

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