Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In other news...

So, so far this week has been rather uneventful. But, such is my life, really.

I've recently joined this one site called It's actually pretty amazing. It's where writers can upload part or all or their novels and people can look at them and comment on them. Then, based off of how many people back your work, you can end up on the publishers desk of Harper Collins! I know it's unrealistic, but you should check it out. My novel is called Juliet and Romeo. It is unfinished, but I am really excited how it looks thus far.

Also, my teacher of my Advanced English class put me in a group assignment. Let me just say, that for me, group assignments suck. I would most likely rather pour acid into my eyes. It always ends up one of 4 ways:
1. I end up with people who literally don't do anything. And may not even know how to read.
2. I end up with people who disagree on the assignment, and none of them will waiver. Allowing for our group to get horrible grades because it is entirely uncollaborated on, and shows it.
3. I end up with someone I cannot stand, and have to grin and bear it, while envisioning either me running away screaming or me blowing a hole in their head.
4. I join a group, and no one else joins...thus I do more work, but am almost greatful that it didn't end up like the previous three.

And so my next group project has fallen under catagory 3. Enough said.

Listening to All Time Low. So good!

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