Saturday, April 25, 2009

A very productive day.

Today, was in fact, very productive. Here is a list of things I did:

1. Woke up early
2. Got stuck in traffic for almost an hour
3. Got Starbucks which made me late to work (it was worth it, yes.).
4. Intervened when a customer was screaming at my associate.
5. Laughed at the screaming customer for screaming.
6. Lied to still screaming customer that I was the manager when she asked.
7. Met Dustin's dog and girlfriend, which means that Dustin is no longer a rapscallion.
8. Ate lunch at Panera Bread. Same thing: A You Pick 2: Tomato soup/Chicken Caesar Sandwich with no tomatoes/baguette (I know, yum!). While i ate, I read the 3rd Harry Potter book. I am re-reading/close reading all of them for my Harry Potter literature class. Yes I know. It is too awesome to handle.
9. Drove home tired from a hard day of labor.
10. Bought a flash drive that looks like a chocolate bar before I came home. I am just too lazy to change this to 9, and 9 to 10. Below is what the glorious thing looks like. No one, however, understands why I an so enthused about this said flash drive. To tell you the truth, I don't know, but seriously...I could pee my pants I am so excited...

11. Ate a fortune cookie that says: Everything will soon come your way....about time I think. :)
12. Getting ready to watch the Ducks game/make crafts.
13. Still tired.

This is my day thu far. I will keep thee abreast shalt any one thing change.

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